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Helen’s Fat Loss Project Results

Helen lost another 10 inches and 6.5 pounds, including 2 inches from her arms and 3 whopping inches from her abdomen in her second round of the fat loss project.  Nice to see those results still happening Helen!  Way to go!

From Helen:

This is my 2nd cycle with Coach Rylan’s program.  I have been battling my weight for the past 10 years and losing the same 10 lbs over and over again!

I came in contact with Coach Rylan’s program while surfing the NET for exercise and weight loss tips.  I kept coming back to his advertisement, but never bought anything.  I kept thinking that I could just do it myself.  But, I tend to give myself too many cheat meals, which turn into days! So, when Coach Rylan offered this program for free to try out as guinea pigs, I thought, why not?

I was skeptical because I have never given myself over to anyone else to control my eating and exercise.  I was expecting to lose more weight than I did, but I now realize that it isn’t just about the weight, but more about losing the fat and getting fit.

I lost 3.7kg (8 pounds) and a total of 8 inches in the first round and another 2.95kg (6.5 pounds) and 10 inches in the 2nd round.  I only have a little way to go before I am at my goal weight!  I have committed to staying with the program as a lifestyle.

I was surprised to find that the program is based on sound principles that I had been trying to follow.  The program allowed me to have more structure and gave me accountability.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get fit and lose unwanted fat.

I have no idea what dollar value to place on what I have achieved.  To me it has been invaluable.  I’ve read about having low carb days and low fat days, but I never had the time to sit down and calculate it all out.  With Coach Rylan’s Fat Loss Program, I didn’t have to think or calculate, but just follow what was laid out before me.  To me that seems priceless!  A big thanks for the opportunity to prove to myself that I can change my lifestyle, not just lose weight and then go back to the same-old, same-old and have the weight and FAT return.

Thanks, Coach Rylan!


Patricia’s Fat Loss Project Results

While Pat only lost 5 pounds, she lost considerably more in inches, including 3 inches off of her hips, and another 2 inches off of her waist. As I’ve often commented before, weight loss alone is never a good indicator of true results. The fact that Pat lost 5 inches from just her mid-section alone speaks to fat loss far in excess of what the scale is telling her.

Pat's Fat Loss Project ResultsFrom Patricia:

I found Coach Rylan’s program on the internet. I wanted to lose weight, learn to  keep the weight off,  and get my muscles stronger.

On the first program the results were  amazing, so I did not hesitate to take another. On this one the weight loss slowed down, but the inches still came off and my muscles are stronger.

I would recommend this program to anyone. The best thing about the program was learning how to do this at home with minimum equipment. The results have been priceless.

Patricia C

Cynthia’s Fat Loss Project Results

Cynthia lost 13 pounds, and 16 total inches.  Her inches lost are incredible for just 6 short weeks.  This includes 3 inches lost from her arms alone, and a total 5 inches off of her thighs.  Well done Cynthia, you should be very proud of your hard work!

Coach Rylan

Cynthia's Fat Loss Project ResultsFrom Cynthia:

A friend told me about Coach Rylan’s website.  I will be turning 50 later this month and I am ready to get in shape so that’s what motivated me to take action and do the program.  I wasn’t skeptical about the program, only that I would be doing it over the holidays.  My results were that I feel stronger, lost inches, and lost weight.  I feel I can continue and be successful.  While I wasn’t surprised by  my results, I was very pleased.  The best thing about the program was the accountability.

I would recommend this program to all my friends and family.   I can’t put a dollar value on Coach Rylan’s system because I think it would be worth anything to achieve the results I did, and get the boost in positive attitude that this program provided for me.

Cynthia, 49, Illinois

Results from the Fat Loss Project Round 2

Long overdue, to be sure.

For those of you new to this blog, or unfamiliar with the Fat Loss Project – here is the gist…

I wanted to see what would happen if I gave a group of volunteers daily instructions for an entire 6 weeks – with the goal of loosing as much fat as possible, while doing it in a safe and healthy way, and without exercising hours a day.

I put together a series of workout programs, instructional videos, and daily emails.

Each morning the participants would open their email and find exact workout instructions, including exact sets and reps, and even a complete daily meal plan.

The goal was to take themselves out of the equation, and hand over their health and fitness responsibilities to me for the full 6 weeks.  I would be their trainer and their nutritionist for the entire program, and they wouldn’t have to do anything but follow step-by-step instructions.

The participants were instructed not to think about anything, just do as they were told, and they would get results.

And while some found it incredibly difficulty not to analyze and over-analyze everything, most found it a welcome departure from the daily turmoil that surrounds making decisions regarding nutrition, exercise, and all things health related.

To add further ‘interesting’ elements to the mix, the Fat Loss Project took place over the 2009 Holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Due to my book being released during the first week of January, and the typical busy season in the fitness industry being January to March, on top of the fact that I’ve been in the process of filming and producing the new Go Sleeveless DVD system, I simply couldn’t find any extra time to get the results up until now.

Over the next few days I will be posting the photos and essays of the participants that successfully completed the Fat Loss Project for you to see.

And while I likley won’t have the time to run a third Fat Loss Project anytime soon, I have been able to incorporate many of the most successful elements of the program into the upcoming Go Sleeveless DVD system.  So for those of you who like what you are about to read, be sure to get on the wait list for the first printing of which will be limited to 100 copies.

Coach Rylan

Carla’s Story

Carla lost 11 pounds, and over 10 inches of fat.  That is including nearly 2 inches from her upper arms, and 4 whole inches from her hips alone.  Well done Carla!

Carla's Results in the Fat Loss ProjectFrom Carla…

I just finished my second 6-week run with Coach Rylan Duggan’s Fat Loss Project. And that’s right. I did it over the holidays. Insane, perhaps. Was it worth it? You be the judge.

I came across Coach Rylan’s name early last year in the news media’s focus and references to Michele Obama’s well-toned arms, right or wrong as a fashion statement for a First Lady, I have always admired well-toned arms, in fact, I have a picture of Linda Hamilton’s (from her Terminator days) on an old workout journal, so I clicked on the link to Rylan’s blog and checked in every so often to see if this was just sales hype or really a resource that I could trust.

I had subscribed to Rylan’s e-mail notifications. So when the first invitation for 15-20 guinea pigs who wanted to lose 20—30 pounds in 6 weeks – I had to see what that was all about. I had just got my head ready to push for my health one more time, because I was so sad to be stuck in a body that didn’t align with my goals and dreams. All of my own doing, but it wasn’t the ‘me’ I knew was available to engage with the world. And why did I do it a second time? Well I had real success the first 6-week session – I knew I could do it and I wanted to see where another 6-weeks could take me, ESPECIALLY over the holidays. I do best with a strategy in a fluid situation and the holidays and food are VERY fluid. (It’s everywhere!)

Was I skeptical about it? OMG – yes! I found I was very cynical about personal trainers (from a previous experience) – Coach Rylan’s communications (and his demeanor on video) convinced me that not EVERY PT was interested in what they can up sell you, but in helping me get the results. Yes, he has products and services – and a new book – but if I win at my goals, then he gets to be a hero. I like win-wins.

What were your results? The first session resulted in nearly 20 pounds removed from my frame! This time I only pulled off 10 pounds, yet removed some serious inches, especially from my hips! I have more to go, but it has set up my new year for success!

Was I surprised by the results? Yes – and very pleased!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to reclaim his or her health or thinks that success is for everybody else. Commit to the program, commit to yourself and you WILL see the benefits. Give the program 6-weeks, they fly by, and see your own results.

What was the best thing about the program?  The clearing out of some eating habits, becoming more aware of food and the kinds of nutrition that makes a difference and the role it all plays in my health. I have changed how I fuel myself, looking for a lean protein/steamed veggie as lunch or dinner option and I LOVE Rylan’s hot cereal and the oatmeal with cinnamon/stevia/apples breakfasts. Plus, making the commitment to move my body and see results with muscle tone and improved strength. These 6-week sessions have made making food choices and exercising commitments not always easier, but the vision is clearer!

If I could put a dollar value the results I achieved, what would it be? Wow, always a hard question – because how do you put a price tag on what something is very VALUED like the experience teamed with Coach Rylan’s approach. The information and workouts are convenient and adaptable to your gym or home. I might guess a service like this could be a monthly membership of between $150 – $200 US, depending on how personalized it might be, less for a once or twice a month email/video posts with details and higher price for more detailed access to Coach Rylan’s expertise.

Thanks Coach for helping me navigate the holidays. It is amazing how many folks have come up to me, commented unsolicited on my nearly 30 pounds gone, and have to tell me of the 5-10 pounds they gained over the holidays! I am so grateful to NOT relate with them on that. It was worth it.