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Kerina’s Fat Loss Project Results

Kerina did a superb job in the Fat Loss Project – losing 7.5 inches of fat even though by most standards she was already in great shape.  Her results are a testimony to the fact that the principles I teach work for all women, regardless of age or body type.  Nice work buddy – you made me proud!

From Kerina:

I cannot believe that 40 days is already up!!

I have known Coach Rylan all of my life, we grew up together and I witnessed his wieght struggles although I have to admit that he hide his emotions well as I had no idea how much it bothered him.  So to see his results with all of his hard work in studies and personal sweat to find the perfect combination of working out and eating clean has been all of the motivation I will ever need.  I am proud of my friend, my coach, to have done this for himself and am greatfull that he is sharing it with the world.  I would like to also congratulate you Rylan for all of your success and I wish you plenty more!!

Being as that I knew coach Rylan so well there was never any skeptisim felt my me at all, it was just hitting the time in my life that was right for me to keep myself going when the FLP was over and I have only myself to be accountable for. Luckly FLP 2 happened to be at that perfect time for me, it also helped a ton that I will be heading to Mexico on the 14th of this month and I wanted to look dinamite in my bikini!!

I have lost a total of 7lbs and 7.5 inches!!!

I absolutely love my results, there are areas that I could have pushed myself a little harder to get better results but now that I see where I could improve I am going to do just that!  I would definately recommend this program to every person i know, it is just too easy all you have to do it check your email and you have your meals and workouts right there.  All you have to do it act!!  This program is priceless!!

I would like to thank the most selfless coach (obviously coach Rylan) who puts his heart and soul into his work.  So Thank You Rylan you are going to change the world:)


Petra’s Fat Loss Project Results

Petra only lost 4 pounds, but her measurements tell a different story with over 8 inches lost.  Her before and after photos show a major difference as well, especially in her midsection.  Way to go Petra, keep pushing!

From Petra:

I first heard about the original Fat Loss Project at the beginning of September last year. My friend Sarah mentioned it in her blog and it sounded like something that I would really like to try. I didn’t apply that time, because I knew that during the challenge I would spend a week vacationing in Las Vegas. There would be no way that I would be able to stick to a strict diet and exercise regime during that week. So, I was very happy to find out that Coach Rylan was offering the Fat Loss Project II.

I did not waste any time thinking about whether or not I wanted to participate.  I had seen the results of the ladies who participated in the original Fat Loss Project and they were fantastic; very motivating!

My boyfriend wondered why Coach Rylan would set up a challenge to coincide with the holidays but, I knew that this is the time that people need the most help. At a time when most people are eating, drinking and being merry, I would lose weight and not experience the typical 5-8 pound holiday weight gain. Plus, I’m really not one for New Year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside a few weeks into the New Year. It was time for action immediately!

The best thing about this program was how complete it is. It’s not just a workout. It’s not just a diet. Coach Rylan provided us with the all the information we needed to succeed. He told us what, when and how much to eat, and we received daily e-mails detailing the workout for each day. This really was a program that required minimal thinking on our part; he spelled it out in detail. I loved not having to plan my menu – all I had to do was refer to the meal plan, buy the ingredients and follow the plan. Simple!

The exercises seemed pretty difficult when we first started, but as the weeks went by and the exercises got progressively more advanced, my strength and cardiac conditioning also increased. I started off using 5lb weights for most of the exercises, but quickly progress to 10, 12.5 and 15lb weights and as someone who has never run before, I was thrilled to be running 5.6mph for three minutes at a time by the time we finished the program. That would have been impossible in the beginning!

This past week, I was feeling disappointed about my lack of weight loss but, while I have not lost a huge amount of scale weight, I think the fat loss is evident in the photos and in my measurements. I see a difference in my waist and my bust is quite definitely lifted – a side effect I am definitely not disappointed with.

I am not at the end of  my fat loss journey, but Coach Rylan’s Fat Loss Project has definitely helped me not only not gain but, actually, lose fat during the holidays. What more could a girl ask for?!

When I first got serious about losing weight and joined my gym I paid hundreds of dollars for personal training. The quality, or to be more precise, the lack of quality of the training was such that I truly regretted spending that much money. I place a much higher value on the information and guidance that Coach Rylan provided throughout this program. I would definitely recommend the Fat Loss Project or any of Coach Rylan’s programs to anyone – man or woman – who is looking to lose fat and firm up any saggy, flabby bits!

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity Coach. I’ve had a blast!


Airplane Exercises

For this month’s issue of GNC’s WellBella magazine, I was asked to put together a program of airplane exercises that would allow you to stay in shape while you travel.  In the magazine you’ll find a number of very specific suggestions that I give to help you boost your energy as well as your immunity while you fly (to help you avoid catching every airborne bug that gets recirculated though the stale cabin air), in addition to some great inconspicuous exercises to do before and during your flight.

Coach Rylan

Louise’s Fat Loss Project Results

At 61 years old, Louise shed 8 pounds and 7 inches, proving that even over the holidays you can lose weight while others are packing it on.  Nice work Louise!

From Louise:

I found Coach Rylan’s program about seven months ago in a CNN article.  After reading about his program I purchased the “Go Sleeveless Gold Package” but have never used it because right after my purchase I saw the results a friend got from following a different program.  I purchased it and tried to follow it for three months but instead of losing weight I gained ten pounds.  This other program requires you to do the training while watching the video which did not work for me as my TV is not where my equipment is.  Additionally I could not do the training and go to my fitness center since I could not watch the video there.  My friend had worked out at home along with her husband.

Initially I was avoiding the scale, but when my clothes were getting snugger I eventually decided it was time to see what kind of damage I did. This was when Coach Rylan offered the first Fat Loss Program but I could not apply for it as we were leaving on an extended vacation.   Lucky for me, Coach Rylan decided to offer another program and I knew I had to be included.
I was not skeptical about the program as Coach posted the results of several participants of the first round.  I have been doing resistance training for a number of years so I did not doubt my own ability to participate in strength training.  I normally follow a pretty healthy diet and rarely overindulge.
The numbers show my results which I think are very good, especially considering our six week program ran through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and all they entail.  I am particularly pleased with the inches lost as this translates directly to better fitting clothes.

I would recommend this program to any woman wanting to get into better shape.  The thing I like best about this program is the concise videos which show what needs to be done.  Since they are short I can replay them whenever necessary to assure I am doing the training properly.   This is something that failed me on the other program I tried.  I am impressed with Coach Rylan’s knowledge of what works to whip women’s bodies into shape.  The fitness center I have been training at for years is staffed by several women with full degrees in kinesiology but the personal training that I took there did not deliver much in the way of results.  I got visible results with Coach Rylan’s program.

At this time it is difficult to put a value on the results.  Going forward I want to try the program again myself and then the Workout of The Month Club to see is I can continue down this slippery weight loss slope.


Judy’s Fat Loss Project Results

At 63 years old, and with years of wreaking havoc on her metabolism with yo-yo dieting, Judy was able to drop 9 pounds and 6 inches during her first 6 weeks of the Fat Loss Project.  Keep up the good work Judy!

From Judy:

I found out about Coach Rylan’s Go Sleeveless Program while listening to WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa.. I googled it online and read about it a while before purchasing the Go Sleeveless Elite package.

I kept thinking about it and read and saw the results others had with the Fat Loss Program and I decided I wanted that for myself.  I really wasn’t skeptical about it as I felt it would/could work as long as I could/would work it myself..

I didn’t lose as much weight but I can tell the difference in the way my clothes fit.. I can get into the next size now easily.

As I am a little older and have gone through this yoyo for many years… I know I had wreaked havoc with my metabolism.. The one thing I really noticed about the program was that I liked all the food and did not feel the hunger pangs I thought I would.. I did not find that difficult at all.. as long as I stayed away from the junk..

It was really important and a big bonus of the program to know that Coach Rylan would be there each Saturday with the next weeks menu plan and that he was only an email away if any of us had a question.  The workouts were hard but I just did all that I could do..even if some of them were less than perfect form.. Being held accountable by posting each nite was also a plus.

I would recommend this program to anyone of any age.. I am 63 and if I can complete it.. I know anyone can.. It would be very difficult for me to put a dollar value on the program and how I feel… would it be like a million bucks??? … as in ‘I feel like a million bucks”!!!  All I know is I am thankful and grateful that I had this opportunity to participate in this Fat Loss any price.. .

Thank you, Coach!!!