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ALL NEW Go Sleeveless System on DVD

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How to Sculpt Sexy Calves

Now that winter is behind us, so are the long pants.  The calves are a tricky area for many women.  If you suffer from the dreaded ‘cankles’ you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  It can be hard to sculpt sexy and toned calves, especially if you rely on toe-presses.  In fact, I’ve worked with many women that have spent months working with toe presses of all sorts, trying to get defined and toned calves – frantically trying to get great lower legs before summer hits, but they get zero results.

The reason for this is because the calf muscle is in constant use (keeping you standing and balanced) and therefore is extremely slow to respond to regular toe-press type exercises.  It takes a more unique approach – one that your calves aren’t used to.  The solution is  in the video below.  Use these exercises, and you will find that getting sculpted and sexy legs is not nearly as difficult as you think.  And to round this off, don’t forget to check out this month’s edition of WellBella magazine (at your local GNC) to get my Booty Bootcamp Workout, for a complete lower body workout routine.

Coach Rylan

Get Rid of ‘Bra Bulge’ with The Saw – Exercise To Sculpt Your Arms and Upper Back

The upcoming Go Sleeveless DVD system is designed to eliminate saggy and flabby upper arms, reduce big and bulging upper arms, and to sculpt, tone, and firm the upper arms too.  No matter what type of problem arms you have (there are three main types, as I talk about in Totally Toned Arms) Go Sleeveless is your one stop solution.

But another major problem that so many women face is the embarrassing ‘Bra Bulge’.  This is a very common concern, and one that can be very frustrating to get rid of.  Especially if you unknowingly perform exercises that will actually widen the upper back and make the problem worse, which many back exercises do.

But Go Sleeveless is here to help.  ‘The Saw’ is just one of the all-new exercises in the new Go Sleeveless system that is designed to both sculpt the upper arms, AND eliminate back fat and bra-bulge.  Enjoy.

Coach Rylan

PS.  The ALL NEW Go Sleeveless System on DVD is launching, very, VERY soon!

Best Oblique Exercise – Get Rid of Muffin Top and Love Handles While Sculpting Your Arms

Here is a sneak peak at one of the full-body toning exercises featured in the ALL NEW Go Sleeveless DVD.  I call this one the ‘Canadian Twist’, because it’s a new and improved version of an old school exercise called the ‘Russian Twist’, and since I am Canadian, I figure the name fits.

I created this exercise to help really tighten up your entire midsection, hitting the abs and obliques, and the low back all at once – enabling you to eliminate love handles and muffin top, while sculpting your upper arms at the same time.  While you do the same amount of work as the Russian Twist, this exercise will give you TWICE the results.  That’s because the simple act of using a resistance band makes your muscles work twice as hard because you need to overcome the increasing tension as you rotate.  A Russian Twist with a medicine ball only requires you to balance the weight, and even a cable machine won’t give you the same effect because the resistance doesn’t increase the further away you rotate.

This move really works the triceps and upper arms too, which you wouldn’t think it does just by looking at it.  However, as it forces you to lock out your shoulders and arms, it hits them isometrically (working the muscle while not moving) and will make a huge difference at how firm your upper arms feel.

Remember, the Go Sleeveless System has many new, never-before seen exercises that will help you sculpt your upper arms – but that DOES NOT come at the expense of the rest of your body – as this exercise proves.

The New Go Sleeveless System It is packed with complete Arm Sculpting workouts, and Full Body Workouts, and over 90% of the exercises are entirely new – many of them created and designed by yours truly – such as this Canadian Twist.

The complete version of this exercise, and all the sets and reps and detailed instructions can be found in the ALL NEW Go Sleeveless System coming soon to DVD.

Stay Tuned,

Coach Rylan

Go Sleeveless DVD and CD Topics – Any Requests?

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