how to get toned and sculpted arms

Which Exercise Is Best For Sculpting The Upper Arms?

Sculpted Arms

Sculpted Arms

Q: Hi Rylan, The video for sculpting and toning the upper arms is great and I’m sure it will help many out with their arms. I have been doing these for a long while now and as I said I’m consistent with my workouts. But to be honest I haven’t found much of a difference. Yes my arms are stronger but the flab is still there…what can I do?

A: Too be honest, I’m not too surprised.  That’s because just doing one arm toning exercise is NOT enough.

I think that’s what women struggle with more than anything, confusion on which exercises are the BEST for eliminating flabby and saggy arms.

You cannot expect one or two arm exercises to completely eliminate the arm flab. That’s why Go Sleeveless incorporates so many more exercises to hit every possible area of the arms.

Remember, you must work all of the areas of the tricep muscle, in addition to all the three heads of the deltoids, as well as both heads of the biceps and the various muscles of the forearms.

Sound confusing?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know a thing about anatomy to get rid of flabby and saggy arms, all you have to do is follow the exercises laid out for you in Go Sleeveless.

Instead of thinking about just the upper arms, you have to start thinking about the body as a whole and forget about spot reducing entirely.

Yes, Go Sleeveless eliminates your sagging upper arms, but not by excluding the rest of your body.

This would be considered spot reducing, and spot reducing doesn’t work – it misses about 90% of the equation..

Remember this formula for getting rid of all your problem areas:

  • Burn tons of fat
  • Focus extra attention on sculpting the problem area
  • Include exercises that will burn fat and tone muscle on your entire body
  • Crank up your metabolism.

That is the only sure way to eliminate flabby arms – or any other problem area for that matter.

Whether your trouble spot is muffin top, love handles, thunder thighs, chubby calves, etc., etc., it makes no difference – the formula is still the same.

Hopefully that clears it up for you.


Rylan Duggan
Your Natural Plastic Surgeon