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Go Sleeveless Competition Winners

Please check out the Go Sleeveless Transformation Competition Page for contest results.

Where To Get A Foam Roller

After I posted my most recent video clip about foam rolling for cellulite, I’ve received a number of emails asking exactly where you can find these things.

Most sports and athletic stores carry them, but here are a couple links to where you can find them on Amazon.  I personally use the green marble foam roller as it’s great quality and doesn’t deform after repeated use.  But there is also a cheaper version that should work well also.

Recommended Option…

Budget Option…

3 Tips For Fast Fat Loss

I wanted to share with you a couple tips for fast fat loss that I posted on my other blog at (this is where I operate my private, online personal training services).

The first post talks about 3 essential fat loss tips for quick and easy results.

The second post gives a recipe for what I like to think of as the ‘perfect yogurt’.

There is also a third post that reveals why all of these ‘100 calories’ snacks are a complete scam.

To check out these posts, you can head over to and navigate your way to the blog section, or just clink the following link:   Rylan Duggan’s Adonis Fitness Consulting.

Coach Rylan
PS. Thank you again to all who entered the competition with their final photos and measurments.  Everything has been submited for judging, and I should have a response by tomorrow.  That means I will be announcing the winners this Wednesday.

Foam Rolling For Cellulite And Sagging Skin

UPDATE:  Many of you were asking where to find a foam roller, so I’ve added some links a couple posts up to help you locate your own foam roller so you can start smashing that cellulite.

In my book Body Firming Secrets That Plastic Surgeon’s Don’t Want You To Know, I reveal a secret method for helping to eliminate sagging skin and cellulite.  That secret is foam rolling.  I often get a lot of funny looks when I mention that term, so I thought it would be best to post up a video with some basics on foam rolling, what the thing looks like, and how to use it.

The Body Firming Secrets book is still available as a free bonus with the Go Sleeveless Elite package at, and contains many more cheap and free tips for natural ways to eliminate sagging skin, wrinkles, and toning your entire body.

Coach Rylan

Go Sleeveless Transformation Competition Closing Details

Well, we’re almost there.

Due to my shotty internet connection over the last couple weeks, I’ve decided to extend the deadline a little to make up for my absence.

That means that the Go Sleeveless Transformation Competition will officially come to close at…


If you want to remain eligible for the contest prizes (awarded to the three most impressive transformations), then you must have your details submitted no later than that time, although feel free to submit earlier if you like.


Two Full-Body Photos (one side view, one front view), re-sized to NO LARGER than 5×7.  Again, because of the swarm of entries I will be receiving over the next week, if you don’t bother to re-size your photos, this could crash my server with all of the big files coming in.  I don’t want anyone to be disappointed, so please ensure that you follow this step.

Measurements (weight, left and right arms, bust, waist, hips, thighs).  Please provide both your before measurements as well as your after measurements, and what change you saw for each.  For example.  Waist Before: 28″  Waist After: 24″  Change: Lost 4″.  While photos are important, they don’t always tell the whole story, so I want to be able to provide my judges with data for how much your body transformed.

Testimonial: I would like you to write a short paragraph or two about how this experience with myself and the Go Sleeveless System has changed your life.  It’s the sad truth that while most of you reading this know that I genuinely care about you and want nothing more than to see you reach your goals, the vast majority of folks who stumble upon this site automatically assume it’s a scam or just some money grab, or that I don’t even exist!  In order to keep doing the work that I do, I depend on the word of mouth and testimonials from people like yourself that know and trust me, and know this program works.  Your testimonial can go a long way in helping me to continue running this blog and to keep offering free advice and coaching.

Some Tips To Improve Your Chances at Winning

I will be submitting your photos and measurements for judging to a group of my peers – don’t worry, I will be cropping your faces out and asigning a number to your photos so nobody will know who you are.

Most people take horrible photos.  I know, because I am one of them, and my wife is a professional photographer, so I REALLY get to see how bad I am.

In order to improve your chances of winning the prizes, you want to present yourself in the best way possible.  Because it’s a known fact that by simply paying attention to proper lighting, smiling, wearing something that flatters your figure, and by doing your hair and makeup, any transformation you experienced will be amplified by your nice photo.

Conversely, if you are frowning, don’t bother doing your hair, have unflattering lighting, and just take a shot of yourself in the mirror, it can easily hide all of your hard work.

Put some time and effort into getting the best ‘after shots’ possible.  Get a friend to help, and experiment with a few different lighting patterns, and SMILE!

Also, don’t forget, you’ve still got a few days left to really kick it up a notch!  You will be amazed at how much your body can change in a matter of a few days.  So keep that nutrition program on course, work hard, and get those last few pounds off over the next week.  That could be all you need to push yourself over the top and capture first place.

Good Luck Everyone!!

Coach Rylan