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Exercises That Will Give You A Natural Tummy Tuck

The most sought after fitness goal, yet the most elusive, has to be the ‘6 pack’. ¬†Granted, most people would settle for just a four pack, but the idea here is to try and get rid of all that unsightly belly fat. ¬†Muffin top, love handles, etc. it’s all ugly, and we all want it gone. ¬†It’s no wonder why plastic surgeon’s waiting rooms are crammed full of women lining up for abdominal liposuction, and tummy tuck surgeries.

Unfortunately, many of these surgeries end up making the problem far worse. ¬†Any time you cut into the body, scar tissue forms, and nowhere is it more embarrassingly obvious than on the stomach. ¬†Sure, you may lose a couple pounds of fat from your abdomen, but as I’ve said many times before – this is nothing but a temporary solution. ¬†You haven’t done anything to correct the reason the fat and excess skin is there in the first place, so there is nothing stopping it from coming back – and with a vengeance I might add.

The scary thing is, due to the effects of the surgery (the damage that is done to the body, and the down time required to heal) the muscles deteriorate further, and the metabolism drops to the floor.  Once your 6-8 week waiting period is up for when you can actually get back to exercising, you could be in a much worse position than you were before the surgery.

But realize this: The abdominals are actually one of the easiest parts of your body to correct. ¬†Take the exercise below for example – not only will it shrink and taper your waist, but it will tone your 6 pack, obliques, and low back all at the same time. ¬†Combine this with the fat melting, and genetic correcting methods found in the Natural Plastic Surgery System, and you will be well on your way to a sculpted 6 pack, long before the other women’s scars have finished healing.

Coach Rylan

Lipo for your legs, without the scars

Today I wanted to share with you one of the best exercises I’ve ever come across for sculpting and toning the inner thighs. ¬†The inner thighs are a tricky area – body fat seems to have a particular affinity for this area in many women, and it can be very stubborn to try and eliminate. ¬†While the nutrition and mental training techniques that I lay out for you in the Natural Plastic Surgery System will surely help to take care of the body fat, you still need exercises that will tone the right muscles, and in the right way.

The truth of the matter is that many thigh exercises – be it the thighmaster, or those horrible inner thigh machines that you’ll find in any gym in America – do more harm than good. ¬†These machines and exercises often lead to bulking up the thighs, making your legs even bigger.

If you want to get toned and sculped legs without the lipo – but with better results -remember lipo only sucks out fat, it doesn’t do anything about the squishy, untoned muscle underneath – then you need to start using exercises like the one below. ¬†This will tone the inner thigh all the way from the knee to the inner groin, giving you sleek and sexy legs.

Coach Rylan

How To Naturally Lift & Firm Your Butt

The butt is simply the most unforgiving body part there is. ¬†Nature’s seat cushion, by design, is a nice soft and squishy place to rest your rear-end. ¬†Unfortunately, the evolution of the human body has not kept up with modern swimwear and lingerie.

There are a number of problems women face when it comes to the butt. ¬†Some struggle with a butt that is too big, and no matter what they do they can’t get rid of the excess body fat that hangs on relentlessly. ¬†Other’s have a droopy and saggy rear end that lacks any sort of tone or firmness whatsoever. ¬†And yet others are plagued by a flat butt. ¬†This has them wishing they had just a little extra junk in the trunk.

Plastic surgery’s solution to these issues are Liposuction, Butt Lift procedures, and Butt Implants respectively.

The problem with all of these three solutions, is that they do nothing to solve the original problem.  As always, cosmetic surgery uses a band-aid approach without attempting to correct the problem at the source.

In my Natural Butt Lift Program, releasing this month, I have come up with a way to eliminate all three of these problems without having to resort to three different solutions – and certainly without having to go under the knife.

The key to getting a toned and sculpted rear-end that will allow you to wear bathing suits, lingerie, (and nothing at all) with confidence, is to use exercises and nutrition techniques that will trigger your body to lose the fat from the tush, while sculpting the muscles that lift and tone the butt, and while avoiding exercises that build excess bulk in the lower glutes. ¬†That’s right – many exercises specifically designed to work the butt, actually target the lower portion of the glutes and bulk them up excessively. ¬†This actually gives the look of a butt that is sagging even more! ¬†Anyone who has used the classic ‘buns of steel’ program, would be familiar with a few of such exercises.

As this exercise below (taken from my Natural Butt Lift Program) will show demonstrate, targeting the appropriate muscles to give you a great butt requires a little bit of concentration and targeted effort. ¬†In this clip you will hear me talk about using your glutes ‘deliberately’. ¬†This actually signals the brain to fire different muscles than if you did this exercise without ‘thinking’ about it. ¬†Little techniques like this make all the difference. ¬†Combined with the other exercises in the complete Natural Butt Lift Program, along with the gene-modifying secrets in the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System, getting an incredible butt that other women will be jealous of is just a few weeks away.

Coach Rylan

How To Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery, And The Secret Playboy Photographers Know About Instantly Adding A Cup Size

The problem of sagging and drooping breasts is one of the main reasons that women seek out the advice of a plastic surgeon. ¬†They simply don’t think there is anything they can do about it without going under the knife. ¬†Most surgeons will tell you that if you’ve breast fed your children, and you are over 30 years of age, that sagging and drooping breasts are an inevitability that will only worsen with each passing year. ¬†The solution, they say, is a breast lift surgery.

But I’ve got a better one.

What most plastic surgeons don’t want to tell you is that one of the major reasons for losing firmness in the breasts, is due to deterioration in the supporting structure beneath the breasts. ¬†The breast tissue attaches itself to the muscles of the upper chest – the pectorals. ¬†If these muscles start to weaken and lose their tone, there is nothing firm for the breast tissue to attach to, and they begin to succumb to gravitational pull. ¬†I will tell you that after testing and evaluating countless women in my years as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer, I have discovered that nearly all have a severe lack of muscular tone and strength in their chest (if you can’t do 10-15 ‘man’ style pushups, this is true for yourself as well).

The second part of this problem is one of posture.  In this day and age, we spend far too much time sitting, slumped in front of a computer or tv screen.  This deteriorates the muscles of the upper back, and leads to our shoulders being pulled permanently forward.  This has a dramatic effect on the sagging of the breasts.

Playboy photographers know these two problems well. ¬†When photographing their models, they will often have the woman pose by placing her hand above her breast and press the muscle inward and up slightly. ¬†This mimics the way a toned chest muscle naturally lifts and supports the breasts. ¬†This little trick gives the illusion of at least one cup size larger, and gives the breasts a lifted and more ‘perky’ look. ¬†They also know how to pose their models to fix the postural issues of slumped shoulders.

Of course, this is only temporary.

In my Natural Breast Lift Program, I am going to teach you my method of naturally lifting and firming the breasts by fixing the reasons they sag and droop in the first place.  Here is just one exercise that will help you lift the breasts, while permanently correcting your posture at the same time.

Coach Rylan

Introduction to the Natural Plastic Surgery System (and an Introduction to Molly)

As promised, here is more info on the Natural Plastic Surgery System. ¬†Here is a clip taken straight from the introduction of the DVDs. ¬†The website is currently in development, but it looks like I will be able to start taking pre-orders on or around November 1st. ¬†Remember, as always, I only print 100 copies to start, so if you want to be one of those on my early bird notification list, and you haven’t already emailed me or left a comment to let me know – please do so asap.

(PS – If the video doesn’t load, just double click it to open it up on Youtube)

And here’s a couple photos of our Wiener Dog, Molly. ¬†The first one is the day we brought her home, and the second one was taken today – laying in her basket beside me on my desk – incredible how much they change in just a week!

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