Natural Plastic Surgery – Re-Sculpt Your Body, One Part At A Time

A long time ago I made a very important realization.

After years of personal experimentation, and working with every imaginable body type, I came to the understanding that the best results were consistently achieved when devoting nearly 100% attention to one area of the body at one time.

Professional bodybuilders have known this for many decades. ¬†I remember reading a section of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding where he spoke about taking personal progress photos every week. ¬†He would examine his body and look for areas that were lacking in some way, or simply not as chiseled as the rest of his physique. ¬†Once identifying the areas the needed improving, he would divert more of his energy and training focus to that area and watch it respond like magic. ¬†In a matter of a couple weeks he would see progress, whereas if he had just continued training in the traditional ‘general’ fashion, it would be months, or even a year, before he would see any substantial progress.

Taking this cue from Arnie and other prominent bodybuilders of the 70’s, I refined the idea and developed it further. ¬†I have since used this method on myself, and my clients, and I have yet to be disappointed with the results.

You see, the approach most people take to their body sculpting program is very general. ¬†They work their back on Monday, shoulders on Tuesday, chest on Wednesday, and so on, taking an overall approach by working the entire body all at once – hoping to get great results in each and every area of their body. ¬†Not leaving anything out, but not devoting any particular attention to one area tends to give just mediocre and slow results. ¬†Now, I’m not saying you can’t get decent results this way – you can. ¬†General programs can work quite well for some people. ¬†However,¬†this is also assuming that you don’t have any ‘problem areas’ that are slow to respond.

Everyone has one part of their body (or more) that will take far greater effort just to achieve minimal results. ¬†This is the case with women who struggle with flabby and saggy arms, and is exactly why the Go Sleeveless System is so popular, and works so well. ¬†It takes into account the fact that if you have ‘problem arms’, they are going to need a much more focused and specialised program. ¬†Not just any old arm exercise and healthy eating plan will do.

So if this works for arms, why not the rest of the body?  Why not indeed.

That is exactly why I developed the Natural Plastic Surgery System – to allow you to completely transform your entire body, one part at a time.

How it works is like this: ¬†The Natural Plastic Surgery System consists of the Foundation System (what I often refer to as the ‘core program’ not to be confused with ‘core training’ or the muscles of your ‘core’) and 4 individual body part ‘Booster Packs’: The Natural Tummy Tuck, The Natural Breast Lift, The Natural Leg Lipo, and The Natural Butt Lift.

You select the area of the body you want to fix first, and use the corresponding workout program twice a week.  On three other days of the week, you use the corresponding workouts from the Foundation System.  The workouts in the Foundation System are also tailored to help target the same problem area, but along with exercises for the rest of your body as well.

Take the exercise below for example. ¬†This is one of the exercises you will find in the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System. ¬†This one in particular is coupled with the Natural Breast Lift Program. ¬†While this exercise works nearly every muscle group in the body, it also provides additional attention to the muscles groups responsible for giving you a natural breast lift. ¬†The way these programs are designed is to provide you with exceptional results – far beyond what regular training programs provide – for the target area, while ensuring the rest of your body continues to improve, but without going beyond your body’s limited recovery abilities.

The Natural Plastic Surgery System allows you to target your problem areas, re-sculpt them the way you want them to look (much like the way traditional plastic surgery gives body part specific results) but without the scars, risk, expense, and pain – all while giving you the satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself, and not with the help of a surgeon.

Coach Rylan