Michelle Obama’s Arm Challenge.

Workout Challenge To Get Arms Like Michelle Obama's

Workout Challenge To Get Arms Like Michelle Obama's

This week’s homework is in the form of a challenge that I am calling my Michelle Obama’s Arms Challenge.

Since I wrote an article a while back on how to get toned and sculpted arms so you can Go Sleeveless like Michelle Obama, I have been getting swamped by the press and questions from readers and clients alike.  That article actually landed me an interview with CNN, and later went on to be published by ABC news and BET.com as well (among others).

In that article I released a quick home workout that will help you get arms like Michelle Obama’s, and it was an incredible hit.

Therefore, for this week’s homework, I thought I would resurrect that workout and turn it into a challenge.  I’ve tweaked it a little, and changed a couple small details to make it a little more…uh, fun ;-).

This workout requires no special equipment, but that doesn’t make it easy.  It will seriously melt some fat off those arms and tone them up on no time.  Okay, so here’s whats up:

Michelle Obama’s Arm Challenge Workout

A)  2 minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks

B)  Superset #1
15 No-Jump Burpees (substitute with squat + overhead press if you cannot do Burpees)
15 Step-Ups
15 Deep Plie Squats

C)  2 minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks

D)  Rest 60 seconds

E)   2 minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks

F)   Superset #2
16 x 6 second holds – Alternating Plank
15 Narrow Grip Incline Pushups
15 Chair Dips

G)    2 minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks

H)    Rest 60 Seconds

Set a time limit for 30 minutes, and see how many sets (A through H)  you can get through.  If you aren’t yet strong enough to complete the reps I’ve listed, that’s okay, just do as many as you can.  If you can get 10, great.  If you can get the full 15 even better.  If you can do more, FANTASTIC!

Keep a pencil and paper handy, write out the workout, and during each rest interval write down the reps you get so you remember how many you did.


In the comments section below, tell me how many total sets you managed to get through in 30 minutes (again, one full set is A through H), and how many reps you managed on your FIRST and LAST set.  If you are working hard, your reps should start to drop pretty dramatically.  However, don’t let yourself slack off, push yourself to try and get as many reps as possible for every set you do.

Anyone who makes it through four full sets in 30 minutes is going to get a big pat on the back from me.

Okay ladies, show me what you’ve got!

Coach Rylan