Lipo for your legs, without the scars

Today I wanted to share with you one of the best exercises I’ve ever come across for sculpting and toning the inner thighs. ┬áThe inner thighs are a tricky area – body fat seems to have a particular affinity for this area in many women, and it can be very stubborn to try and eliminate. ┬áWhile the nutrition and mental training techniques that I lay out for you in the Natural Plastic Surgery System will surely help to take care of the body fat, you still need exercises that will tone the right muscles, and in the right way.

The truth of the matter is that many thigh exercises – be it the thighmaster, or those horrible inner thigh machines that you’ll find in any gym in America – do more harm than good. ┬áThese machines and exercises often lead to bulking up the thighs, making your legs even bigger.

If you want to get toned and sculped legs without the lipo – but with better results -remember lipo only sucks out fat, it doesn’t do anything about the squishy, untoned muscle underneath – then you need to start using exercises like the one below. ┬áThis will tone the inner thigh all the way from the knee to the inner groin, giving you sleek and sexy legs.

Coach Rylan