Kate Gosselin’s Workout

UPDATE:  Check out the video for this workout by clicking the link at the end of the post.

Kate Gosselin, star of TLC’s hit reality TV show ‘John and Kate plus 8’, has created nearly as much of a media frenzy over her body, as for her recent marital issues made public by the tabloids.


And while there are no shortage of websites and magazines flashing the latest juicy details of the Gosselin’s not-so-private life; in all of the drama, Kate’s secrets to transforming her body have remained just that; a complete secret.

Many women, especially moms, are dying to know how Kate has made such incredible changes to her body in such a relatively short amount of time.  Viewers have watched Kate transform from a frumpy housewife, struggling to shake off the extra layers of baby weight in the show’s initial seasons, to a fit and yummy mummy with a sculpted body that any women would be proud showing off at the beach.


So how does she do it?  What has Kate Gosselin done to get that sculpted body and those sexy arms, even after having 8 children?  While it’s no secret that Kate underwent plastic surgery to correct the excess sagging skin on her stomach that resulted from the carrying of twins and then sextuplets to term, (a problem that most moms won’t have to contend with) it’s not her stomach that has women all over the world wanting to know more about Kate’s workout routine.

Kate has literally re-created her entire body, not just her tummy.  She has clearly lost significant body fat, slimmed down her thighs and calves, shaved inches of her arms, toned her back and shoulders, and brought out significant muscle definition throughout her whole physique; something a tummy tuck could never do on it’s own.


On Kate’s most recent appearance on Oprah, when questioned about her workout, she stated that she gets up early everyday to do an hour on the treadmill or elliptical machine.  However, she offered little insight beyond that.  And while that may seem simple enough, most moms simply cannot afford an extra hour each day to workout when they’ve got little ones demanding their attention nearly 100% of the time.

How To Get Results Like Kate Gosselin, In Less Time
As a personal trainer specializing in women’s fat loss and body sculpting, I have helped numerous moms shed pounds of baby fat, sculpt and tone their physiques, and get their pre-baby bodies back (and often, better!)  One look at Kate Gosselin’s new body, and I can tell you from experience that cardio alone wasn’t enough to get the job done; there is more to the story than that.  The great new is, if you are busy mom and don’t have an hour per day to spare, you can still get results like Kate, and I can even show you how to do it in less time.

The Custom ‘Kate Gosselin Workout Routine’.
To get a total body transformation like Kate, the main goal should be to melt as much fat as possible, while revving up the metabolism so your body will easily let go of those extra baby pounds.  At the same time, you will want to be sculpting and toning the muscle underneath, so you aren’t left with any sagging skin after your weight loss.

My customized ‘Kate Gosselin Workout Routine’ utilizes a principal called the ‘Afterburn Effect’ that will allow you to get a workout that is as effective as Kate’s, but in far less time.  The Afterburn Effect is created by using shorter, interval style cardio sessions, with a short-rest, circuit-style strength training program that elevates the heart rate and keeps it up throughout the entire workout.

This routine can be done 5 days a week, and will hit every major muscle group in your body to bring out maximum tone and definition.  It puts particular emphasis on naturally lifting the breasts, giving the waist a more tapered and narrow look, and targeting the inner and outer thighs to create lean and sexy legs.

Cardio Portion – 12.5 minutes
Equipment:      Treadmill or Elliptical
Warmup:          2 minutes to bring heart rate up to 60% or higher*
Intervals:          3 x 90 second high intensity intervals at 80% or higher with 3 x 120 second low intensity intervals at 70% or lower
Cooldown:       None necessary – immediately start the strength training circuit below.

Strength Training Circuit – 17.5 minutes
Use a weight that allows you to achieve 8-10 reps for each exercise (but not too light that you can do more, or too heavy that you can’t get at least 7).  Complete one exercise immediately after the other without rest, and complete as many sets as you can in 17.5 minutes.  Record the number of sets you complete for each exercise, and try to increase one set for one exercise, each successive day, without increasing your workout time.

Exercise List
a) Plie Squat with Shoulder Press
b) Reverse Lunge on Bench with Dumbbells
c) Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
d) Wide Grip Horizontal Row
e) Incline Curl To Chest Press with Dumbbells
f) Narrow Width Bench Pushups
g) Seated Side Band/Cable Rotation

While this program will work wonders to kick-start your fat loss and body toning, and get you well on your way to transforming your body like Kate Gosselin, it is not recommended that you follow it for more than three weeks.  After three weeks you will get better results by switching to the Go Sleeveless © program, which will have you alternating between two different workout routines that will allow for greater muscle recovery, while avoiding any plateaus.

For video demonstrations for each of these exercises, check out Kate Gosselin’s Workout Video.

*Detailed explanation for how to calculate your target heart rate zones can be found in any of the Go Sleeveless © programs in the ‘Calculating Your Target Intensity Zones’ section.