How to Sculpt Sexy Calves

Now that winter is behind us, so are the long pants.  The calves are a tricky area for many women.  If you suffer from the dreaded ‘cankles’ you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  It can be hard to sculpt sexy and toned calves, especially if you rely on toe-presses.  In fact, I’ve worked with many women that have spent months working with toe presses of all sorts, trying to get defined and toned calves – frantically trying to get great lower legs before summer hits, but they get zero results.

The reason for this is because the calf muscle is in constant use (keeping you standing and balanced) and therefore is extremely slow to respond to regular toe-press type exercises.  It takes a more unique approach – one that your calves aren’t used to.  The solution is  in the video below.  Use these exercises, and you will find that getting sculpted and sexy legs is not nearly as difficult as you think.  And to round this off, don’t forget to check out this month’s edition of WellBella magazine (at your local GNC) to get my Booty Bootcamp Workout, for a complete lower body workout routine.

Coach Rylan