How To Reverse Sagging Skin Naturally


Is it possible to reverse sagging skin naturally?  Is it possible to get rid of all that flapping skin and wrinkles without supplements and surgery?  What happens if you’ve already lost all the body fat you can lose and you still have sagging arms?  Then what?

I get questions like this emailed to me on a constant basis, and it doesn’t surprise me.

The plastic surgery and cosmetic industry love to perpetuate the myth that sagging and wrinkled skin is irreversible naturally; that the only way to get rid of it is to slice it off, tuck it, and slather it in moisturizing lotions and expensive creams.

They’ll tell you that skin sags with age, and it wrinkles.  They’ll also tell you that you are just one of the unlucky ones who has bad genetics that makes your skin droop.

Let’s clear this up once and for all….

First, genetics is not involved. I’ve read numerous identical twin studies where they’ve looked at the difference in skin condition, and found there to be incredible differences in elasticity, complexion, wrinkles etc. Some of the photos I’ve seen, the twins look decades apart in age, and the only thing that can account for that is differences in the ‘environment’ both internal and external.

The biggest problem is the way weight loss is achieved. For many folks, they lose weight through caloric restriction, lots of cardio, and low-weight high-reps strength training (biggest loser style). This is hard on the body, lowers the metabolism, creates nutritional deficiencies, and reduces muscle mass.

Here is a big point: If you don’t build any lean muscle, and instead focus on just losing fat, the problem of flapping skin is going to get MUCH WORSE! You must focus on serious strength training and developing firm and toned muscles underneath the flab, so when the flab is gone, the skin has something firm to adhere to.

Another major issues is hydration and nutrition. Hydrated cells are plump and firm; you must get enough water, and you must stop dehydrating yourself with excessive sun exposure, tanning beds, caffeine, and alcohol.

As for nutrition, if you are eating lots of junk food and aren’t getting enough fruits and veggies, you are causing cellular damage through excess oxidative stress. This damages the cells, and can actually destroy their ability to hold water properly. Many Dr.’s say that as you age the skin cells lose their ability to hold onto water and this is why wrinkles form. This is only partly correct. This is not from age; this is from repeated exposure to oxidative stress. It just happens that if you’ve lived a life where you haven’t taken care of yourself as well as you should have, you have had more opportunities to damage the cells. However, this can be combated with a healthy diet high in antioxidants, but sadly, most people are seriously lacking on this end and prefer to use cosmetic procedures or creams and lotions to band-aid the problem.

Another important point is that many people assume that aging is going to bring sagging skin and wrinkles. But here’s the trouble with this logic…all of the skin cells in your body are replaced every 7 years or so. If you are 50 years old, your skin cells might only be about 5, so how can it be that your skin seems to sag and wrinkle with age?

The problem is the environment these cells are being ‘re-grown’ in. While our bodies are very resilient, if you expose them to punishment long enough, there is bound to be trouble.

Here’s an analogy…

If you planted a garden in toxic and contaminated soil, never watered it or weeded it, and trampled all over it, how do you think it would grow? If it grew at all, it would probably look pretty sickly and deformed. The same goes for your skin cells. Give them a perfect environment to develop in, and you will have beautiful, radiant, and firm skin for many years.

Okay, so if you have sagging and wrinkled skin, what do you do about it? First, you have to start eating a diet designed to detoxify your cells naturally and gently (I’ve designed the Daily Detox Diet, exactly for this reason). You also need to start drinking a lot more water, and decrease any substances that are diuretic in nature (caffeine, alcohol, etc).

Next, make sure you start a targeted strength training program designed to build and tone the underlying muscle while you burn away the fat on top (Any of the workout programs in Go Sleeveless will take care of this). Also, forget the long marathon cardio sessions. Start doing high intensity interval training cardio that will help bring out even better muscle definition, and boost your metabolism (again, the Go Sleeveless cardio workouts are already designed to solve this problem).

It’s really not a complex process, but if you lose weight without following these basic steps, you could end up with a lot of excess sagging skin that can be troublesome to correct. However, even if that’s the case, put this plan into action and you can reverse the damage.  Depending on how much sagging skin you have to correct, obviously the time it will take to completely reverse it will vary.  However, I can guarantee if you follow the principles in Go Sleeveless, you are going to make incredible progress in 6 weeks and you are going to see a great reduction in your sagging and wrinkled skin.

Coach Rylan

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