How To Naturally Lift & Firm Your Butt

The butt is simply the most unforgiving body part there is. ¬†Nature’s seat cushion, by design, is a nice soft and squishy place to rest your rear-end. ¬†Unfortunately, the evolution of the human body has not kept up with modern swimwear and lingerie.

There are a number of problems women face when it comes to the butt. ¬†Some struggle with a butt that is too big, and no matter what they do they can’t get rid of the excess body fat that hangs on relentlessly. ¬†Other’s have a droopy and saggy rear end that lacks any sort of tone or firmness whatsoever. ¬†And yet others are plagued by a flat butt. ¬†This has them wishing they had just a little extra junk in the trunk.

Plastic surgery’s solution to these issues are Liposuction, Butt Lift procedures, and Butt Implants respectively.

The problem with all of these three solutions, is that they do nothing to solve the original problem.  As always, cosmetic surgery uses a band-aid approach without attempting to correct the problem at the source.

In my Natural Butt Lift Program, releasing this month, I have come up with a way to eliminate all three of these problems without having to resort to three different solutions – and certainly without having to go under the knife.

The key to getting a toned and sculpted rear-end that will allow you to wear bathing suits, lingerie, (and nothing at all) with confidence, is to use exercises and nutrition techniques that will trigger your body to lose the fat from the tush, while sculpting the muscles that lift and tone the butt, and while avoiding exercises that build excess bulk in the lower glutes. ¬†That’s right – many exercises specifically designed to work the butt, actually target the lower portion of the glutes and bulk them up excessively. ¬†This actually gives the look of a butt that is sagging even more! ¬†Anyone who has used the classic ‘buns of steel’ program, would be familiar with a few of such exercises.

As this exercise below (taken from my Natural Butt Lift Program) will show demonstrate, targeting the appropriate muscles to give you a great butt requires a little bit of concentration and targeted effort. ¬†In this clip you will hear me talk about using your glutes ‘deliberately’. ¬†This actually signals the brain to fire different muscles than if you did this exercise without ‘thinking’ about it. ¬†Little techniques like this make all the difference. ¬†Combined with the other exercises in the complete Natural Butt Lift Program, along with the gene-modifying secrets in the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System, getting an incredible butt that other women will be jealous of is just a few weeks away.

Coach Rylan