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Transformation Competition

Maureen – Lost over 11 pounds and 9 inches, and rapidly increased her muscle definition and tone.


I discovered the Go Sleeveless program when reading an article in the paper about Michele Obama’s arms.  The article referenced Rylan Duggan’s Go Sleeveless website w/a free “Michele Obama Arms” workout.  I checked it out & gave the workout a try the next day at the gym.  It kicked my butt & I knew I’d found my next mentor that could help me reach my fitness goals.

I’ve tried many other programs with limited levels of success because I realized that in order to succeed with these programs, I had to continually buy the recommended products that they were selling which I couldn’t afford to do for the rest of my life.  I initially didn’t buy the Go Sleeveless package since it wasn’t required & Rylan was readily providing solid advice & workout routines on his blog (thank you!).  But his message of “detoxing” kept resonating in my brain & so I decided to purchase the Gold Package.  OMG!! What a difference that program has made in my overall fitness level! I have lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks & 5 inches off my body as well.  The self-hypnosis & subliminal affirmations tracks were two of the biggest aids in helping me to get over my own mental barriers.  Multiple people have stopped me at work & asked what my secret is.  I can honestly say it’s the combination of the detox program with the systematic workout routines & the meditative listening tracks that have finally enabled me to reach my goals.  I plan to continue w/the bonus workouts included in the Gold Package to maintain my new look & continue to increase my strength and overall fitness level.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about changing their body and their life!

Thank you, Rylan!

Kay (67) – Lost 12 pounds and 24 inches, and is surprising friends and family with her new body.


These past three months of working with Rylan Duggan have been the most body-transforming in my life without a doubt!!!!  I actually stumbled on to his website quite by accident when I was searching for a way to have great arms (like Michelle Obama) and I found oh so much more.  Just reading about his training and philosophy to weight loss MADE TOTAL SENSE!  I wanted someone who could teach me how to do the exercises I needed and how to do them correctly.. plus, get super results and, RESULTS I got! More results than I actually expected. I figured since it took me years to get so much out of shape therefore, it would take me years to get back in shape. (wrong!!) When I got on his Detox Eating Plan together with his Exercise Program I got results beyond my wildest dreams!!!  I’ve dropped 22 pounds in 3 months and by the way, I’m eating more nutritious food than I ever did before. I am 67 years old and everyday I feel great… and because I want to reverse my Osteopenia/Osteoporosis rather than take meds for it, I WILL CONTINUE EXERCISING.  And, because I wanted to lower my cholesterol rather than take meds, (it is now 161) I WILL CONTINUE EXERCISING.  And because I don’t want to ever have to take blood pressure meds (mine is now 107/67) I WILL CONTINUE EXERCISING.  I can’t tell you how much I trust Coach Rylan because his Go Sleeveless System really works and because of his continued support and encouragement for me to get results and be victorious accomplishing my goals. (By the way I live in San Francisco-distance doesn’t matter with his program). His system is clear and concise.  Thanks Coach!!  KR-San Francisco

LM (47)  Lost 15 lbs and 17.5 inches including 3.5 inches from her arms.


I  took part in the Go Sleeveless Transformation Contest  because I wanted to lose the extra weight I had gained and to try and do it in the limited time my life allows me. This program is simple and easy to follow. Exercises are clearly laid out for you with pictures and easy to follow directions. The part I valued the most was how the Detox Diet made me more conscious of my food choices. I have always eaten relatively healthy but there was room for improvement. The program made me more aware of my eating habits and how simple changes can alter your body so easily. I learned what foods my body needed and which foods I didn’t need  to consume and the results were immediate. By following the diet, I lost 6 pounds in a matter of four days, that was a definite motivator for me!!!

This contest has given me the start I needed to be motivated to change my lifestyle habits so that I can feel good about myself and how I look. I’ve only started to make changes, I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I will continue to work on it using the Go Sleeveless Program.

Amy (19) – Lost 11 pounds and 15.75 inches


When I first read about this new fitness program that promised
excellent arms, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. But after so
long with yo-yo dieting and boring fitness routines, I was ready to
try anything to get rid of my awful batwings! So I bought Rylan’s Go
Sleeveless program, reassured by the money back guarantee… and not
once have I regretted it. The program is so comprehensive and well-
explained that I felt full of enthusiasm after first reading it, and
that enthusiasm hasn’t waned yet. The work-outs are fun and
challenging, and every exercise is clearly explained. Most
importantly, I got RESULTS! for the first time since my childhood, I
now feel comfortable wearing singlet tops. And it’s not just my arms
that improved! Fat has been melting away from all parts, particularly
my belly, so I now have a waist that I’m proud of. I feel confident
that in only a few more weeks, I’ll feel just as comfortable in a
bikini as my friends who’ve been doing athletics their whole lives.
Rylan himself was a particular help to me – when I contacted him for
help, he replied personally and promptly, with understanding and very
helpful advice. All in all, this is an excellent program; definitely
one I’d recommend! 🙂

Thanks Rylan,

Gwenyn – Lost 31 pounds and 18.75 inches including 5 inches from her arms.


I didn’t want to be known as just another college statistic. The Freshman-15 was something I wanted to steer clear from. The sad thing was, I couldn’t see how I could possibly do anything but maintain the weight I was already at. The food choices were hard because the fried food was always cheaper than anything in the salad bar.
One night I was talking with my mother, and she told me about the Go Sleeveless Competition. That was the night everything was due to the coach, and I raced to get it turned in so I could be a part of it all. I went into it not thinking that I could have the chance to win. I just wanted to work at building good groundwork for the future. I started the Detox Diet and worked my hardest with the exercises and swimming. I noticed how good I was feeling. I had more energy, and I was generally happier. It only improved when I got to the halfway point and saw the inches disappearing and my clothing becoming baggier.
To be fully honest, at that halfway point I made some different choices. Fitness became less of a priority as school got harder and started getting closer to finals. I slipped up with the program and then just kept making poor choices for eating. I started eating less than I should have because I was tired and stressed. It has been hard work making myself not slip off the bandwagon. At the halfway mark, I had everything going for me. I had a chance to really win this. Now, with the choices I have made, I may have lost the chance of a top spot in winning, but I have also learned so much from this program. I got the help I needed to start getting healthier. I know how to eat, how to workout, and most of all to have the determination to go for something that seemed unobtainable. It isn’t about winning (sure it is a nice incentive to push oneself harder), but it is about making the changes that will benefit in the long run. It is about changing yourself to be a healthier and better you. That is what Go Sleeveless did for me. It gave me confidence, I feel beautiful in my own skin, and nothing can change that. I will keep working to get back on the Detox Diet and continue to work hard to get to the weight I need to be most healthy and really feel awesome about myself. A long road is ahead, but I got the kick I needed to get started and now it is up to me to build on that. All I can say is thank you Coach Rylan. Thank you for everything you did for me and for all of us.


Kristen – Even though she admits that she fell off the wagon, she still lost 10lbs, 6.25 inches, including 2 inches from her arms, and eliminated her migraines for the month she used the Daily Detox Diet.


{My results were} Better than what I expected, given the way the last month went for me. I truly was hesitant to sign up for the challenge, knowing that my work and family schedule go into overdrive during the last 6 weeks of school here.

That said, I did enjoy being active again when I was able. (I was
sidelined by the flu – not swine flu thank goodness! – for the last half
of May.) I especially liked that the workouts were done with quickly and
I didn’t have to travel to the gym to do them. I enjoyed spending time
with my daughter on walks when she was home from college and we both
still needed to do our workouts. The best part was that when I was on
the detox diet, I had no more migraine headaches! Still not exactly sure
what my trigger is, but to have a month headache-free was wonderful.

I know that the food plan is do-able and wasn’t even particularly
painful. With fresh food coming into season, it should be much easier
now, too.

Thank you for your time and  coaching. It will make a world of difference
for me this summer.

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