Go Sleeveless DVD On The Horizon

Go Sleeveless DVD Coming Soon

Go Sleeveless DVD Coming Soon

With the upcoming release of Totally Toned Arms – Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days, my arm sculpting secrets will be available for the first time in hard-copy format.

But this got me thinking – why stop there?

A Go Sleeveless DVD set is one of the most common requests that I get.  Some women don’t like reading on their computer or printing out an ebook on their own.   Some need more instruction than just step-by-step photos, and some don’t want to read a book at all – they want to be shown what to do in person.

So that’s why I am seriously considering manufacturing a Go Sleeveless follow-along DVD set.

But before I go ahead and start filming and creating inventory – I need to know if there is any real interest in this product.  I don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of expensive inventory collecting dust in my office.

So if you are interested in getting an arm toning and sculpting system that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and you want me to show you in person exactly how to do it through the use of DVDs, then please leave a comment below and let me know.

If there is enough interest, this could be ready to go in early January – so we’re not talking about a big time delay here at all.

Coach Rylan

PS.  You now have officially less than one week to grab your copy of the Go Sleeveless Lite package before it’s gone for good and the price goes up to $77 again.  Remember, this is part of my non-competing book contract, so once January first hits and my new book is released you won’t be able to get the Go Sleeveless system for less than $77 again.  If you are interested, don’t procrastinate.  If you forget and miss the deadline, there is nothing I can do about this one – so hurry up!