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Fat Loss Project

I’ve been fielding hundreds of emails about the Fat Loss Project Part II.

Everyone has been checking out the before and afters (more of those to come) and are seeing how powerful a program this really is.  When you don’t have to think about anything – because everything is done for you – there are no excuses.  You just wake up, check your email, and do what it tells you.  Pretty hard to fail isn’t it?  I think the guinea pigs from last round would agree, the whole no-thinking aspect is pretty appealing.  There has also been a number of people who didn’t get accepted into the first FLP due to lateness, unavailability, etc, and now they want in too.

Most people dread the holidays and the so called ‘inevitable weight gain’.  But this year I am going to change all that.

Why not get through the holidays without feeling like a stuffed turkey?

How about showing up at the New Year’s Eve party looking sexy in that little black dress while everyone else feels like a bloated pig?

It’s time to change the way you look at the holidays, and I am going to show you exactly how to do it, and I will hold your hand all the way.

So if you haven’t already figured it out, yes, I will be running Fat Loss Project Part II.

There are some stipulations however.  In order for me to devote another 6-8 weeks to another fat loss project, I need to see some serious interest, and serious commitment.  I’m upping the deposit to $125 this time (which you will get back every cent upon successful completion of the FLP) and honestly, a deposit of $125 is chump change for what you get.  If you were to walk into my private training studio and ask for the same service, it would end up running you over $1500 – easily.  Not even considering the free-time I devote to the FLP, my out of pocket costs are considerable for the web design, filing, hosting, etc.  Any deposits not recovered will be funneled directly into covering my expenses for the FLP, which I will still lose money on.

Same rules apply as last time.  If you forget, here are the details…

Fat Loss Project Part 2 – What You Get, and How To Register

I have capped the number at 25 participants this time – it will be first come first served – and no late entries will be accepted.

Here’s how you can GUARANTEE your spot in this program.

If you send me your deposit and application by 12:00 noon pacific time on Monday November 16th, and you meet the criteria (see below), then you are in.   Even if I have already received more than 25 applicants, you are still in.  Theoretically, this means that every single one of you can get in if you take action now, but the fact of the matter is, most people procrastinate and will take their sweet time and miss out.  I will still take applications until Friday November 20th if there are spots open – which is highly unlikely.

And that is what this whole thing is about, taking action.  Procrastination is no longer acceptable.  Action is what will get you results, and action will be rewarded.


In order to be eligible for this program you must fit the following criteria.

A) You will be required to submit to me a deposit of $125, via paypal (if you don’t have a paypal account yet, it’s super easy to use – got to and follow the instructions there). Upon successful completion of the Fat Loss Project, and after you provide your testimonial and after photo, this will be refunded.  This means you will have to follow the diet plan, not miss any workouts, keep your blog journal updated daily.  The deposit is used as a way to keep everyone compliant to the program, and to eliminate those who are just wasting my time, and taking up spots for those people who really want in.  NOTE:  As this project will run through the holidays, you will not be getting to chose your own ‘cheat-days’, instead, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve will be your designated cheat days.  You can have them if you want, but as was the case for last FLP, those who opted-out of cheat days had better results.

B)  You must be between 16 and 70 years of age, with NO injuries that would limit the exercises that you can do.  For example, you must be able to do squats and shoulder presses.

C)  You must want to lose at least 20 pounds or more.

D)  You must follow my every instruction without question.  No excuses, no substitutions, no complaining.  You need to put your judgment aside and TRUST me – no exceptions.

E)  Upon successful completion of this program, you must submit before and after photos, along with a testimonial essay for how the program has worked for you.  If you are uncomfortable with having before and after photos shown on my website, then please do not apply.

F)  You must publish your own blog as your daily journal tracking your nutrition and exercise. (I will give you instructions as to how to set this up).

G)  You need to have the following equipment, or have access to a facility that does:  An exercise ball, dumbbells (5,10,15,20lbs are recommended), a medium resistance band, and an exercise bench (optional).

H)  Most importantly, you must be SERIOUS about losing this weight.  I am going to be devoting an extraordinary amount of my free time to this, and each participant will be receiving literally over $1500 worth of free training services.  Therefore, this is only for those who aren’t going to waste my time, and are determined to lose this weight once and for all.  This isn’t for people who want to ‘try it out’, or just ‘give it a go’.   ‘Trying’ is giving yourself permission to fail.  Only those who are committed to change need apply.

The Fat Loss Project Details

•    The Fat Loss Project will run for 6 weeks in length, starting on November 23rd, and ending on New Years Day, giving you a massive kick-start to your New Years resolutions, while everyone else is just floundering.

•    On Sunday morning of each week, I will email you your workout plan and nutrition plan for the coming week.  This will allow you do your grocery shopping, as well as prepare your workout schedule.  You will also receive an exercise video for each exercise in your program.  You will be getting a new workout video each week for all 6 weeks.  NOTE:  For those of you in different time zones across the globe, you will need to adjust your schedule slightly as I will not be sending your workout plans ahead of everyone else.

•    Each day of the week I will email you with your workout for that day – this time providing specific reps and sets for each exercise (this will be changing each day), and you will have already received your menu plan for that day.  This is also my chance to check in on you, offer you some motivation and encouragement, and to keep you plugging along.

•    The nutrition program will be VERY strict, but that doesn’t mean you will be hungry.  I will be getting you to eliminate all the garbage from your diet, and replacing it with healthy, natural, whole foods that will boost your metabolism, burn fat, and keep you satisfied.  Through this process you will be eliminating cravings, improving your health, detoxifying, and increasing your energy.  If you’ve been eating a horrible diet up until now, it will be a major change, and tough, but will certainly be worth it.  I am going to keep the menu plan very simple, emphasizing ease, and lots of meals that require little to no cooking and prep time.  Most of the round one entrants found that they were eating way more food than they were used to, and they didn’t miss anything.

•    The workout program will be done each day except Saturday, focusing on short whole-body workouts that take you less than an hour, and a fun-day on Sundays.  It will be designed to ignite your metabolism and melt fat from your entire body, while at the same time toning and sculpting the underlying muscles.

How To Apply

To guarantee a spot, regardless  of how many have already signed up, submit all of the following before noon pacific time Monday November 16th.  Applications will only be accepted after this time if all 25 spots have NOT been filled yet.

Submit $125 usd deposit via paypal to  Or just click the link at the bottom of this page.

Email me ( with ‘fat loss project application’ in the subject line.  In the email, include all of the following:

  1. One full-length before photo (no full screen photos!!  Photos that are not sized down, will NOT be accepted).  Wear what you want, but a bathing suit is preferable.  You will be required to wear the SAME clothing for your after photo.
  2. Your personal info:  Full name, age, location (city, state/province, country).
  3. Your measurements:  Current weight plus bust, waist, arms, hips, and thigh measurements in inches.
  4. What email address you submitted your payment with in paypal.

I will personally notify each of you who are accepted, and remember, if you get your application in to me by the 16th, you are in no matter what!

Don’t delay!  Get those applications in now!


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  • lorraine maritza:

    your videos are great even i,ve started exersizing many thanks

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    May 11th, 2010 at 2:48 AM
  • Kim:

    OK, Just doing as you say we should do and logging a comment back into this blog as I am redoing my FLP. My blog is back up and running at I’ll be blogging there daily. FLP starts again! Luckily I kept the emails and menus and excercises, though I see the video links no longer work. I think i will remember how to do the excercises though. Bye for now then and the all best with the puppy.

    Reply Quote
    December 1st, 2010 at 2:36 PM

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