Exercises That Will Give You A Natural Tummy Tuck

The most sought after fitness goal, yet the most elusive, has to be the ‘6 pack’. ¬†Granted, most people would settle for just a four pack, but the idea here is to try and get rid of all that unsightly belly fat. ¬†Muffin top, love handles, etc. it’s all ugly, and we all want it gone. ¬†It’s no wonder why plastic surgeon’s waiting rooms are crammed full of women lining up for abdominal liposuction, and tummy tuck surgeries.

Unfortunately, many of these surgeries end up making the problem far worse. ¬†Any time you cut into the body, scar tissue forms, and nowhere is it more embarrassingly obvious than on the stomach. ¬†Sure, you may lose a couple pounds of fat from your abdomen, but as I’ve said many times before – this is nothing but a temporary solution. ¬†You haven’t done anything to correct the reason the fat and excess skin is there in the first place, so there is nothing stopping it from coming back – and with a vengeance I might add.

The scary thing is, due to the effects of the surgery (the damage that is done to the body, and the down time required to heal) the muscles deteriorate further, and the metabolism drops to the floor.  Once your 6-8 week waiting period is up for when you can actually get back to exercising, you could be in a much worse position than you were before the surgery.

But realize this: The abdominals are actually one of the easiest parts of your body to correct. ¬†Take the exercise below for example – not only will it shrink and taper your waist, but it will tone your 6 pack, obliques, and low back all at the same time. ¬†Combine this with the fat melting, and genetic correcting methods found in the Natural Plastic Surgery System, and you will be well on your way to a sculpted 6 pack, long before the other women’s scars have finished healing.

Coach Rylan