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Use This To Get Rid of Bra Bulge

The Natural Breast Lift has an exciting little side-effect that you might be interested in.  Typically, side-effects are thought of as a bad thing, but when you are using natural, and healthy body transformation techniques, side-effects almost always come as a welcome bonus.

In this case, that welcome side effect is the elimination of Bra Bulge.  Bra Bulge is a particularly embarrassing problem that you might encounter should you choose to wear any snugly fitting top.  The bra straps place excess pressure in the soft tissue of the upper back and upper rib cage, causing excess fat tissue to bulge outwards, and even over-top of the bra straps.

This unsightly issue can easily be corrected, while at the same time you can also naturally lift and firm your breasts… ¬†Read More



How To Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery, And The Secret Playboy Photographers Know About Instantly Adding A Cup Size

The problem of sagging and drooping breasts is one of the main reasons that women seek out the advice of a plastic surgeon. ¬†They simply don’t think there is anything they can do about it without going under the knife. ¬†Most surgeons will tell you that if you’ve breast fed your children, and you are over 30 years of age, that sagging and drooping breasts are an inevitability that will only worsen with each passing year. ¬†The solution, they say, is a breast lift surgery.

But I’ve got a better one.

What most plastic surgeons don’t want to tell you is that one of the major reasons for losing firmness in the breasts, is due to deterioration in the supporting structure beneath the breasts. ¬†The breast tissue attaches itself to the muscles of the upper chest – the pectorals. ¬†If these muscles start to weaken and lose their tone, there is nothing firm for the breast tissue to attach to, and they begin to succumb to gravitational pull. ¬†I will tell you that after testing and evaluating countless women in my years as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer, I have discovered that nearly all have a severe lack of muscular tone and strength in their chest (if you can’t do 10-15 ‘man’ style pushups, this is true for yourself as well).

The second part of this problem is one of posture.  In this day and age, we spend far too much time sitting, slumped in front of a computer or tv screen.  This deteriorates the muscles of the upper back, and leads to our shoulders being pulled permanently forward.  This has a dramatic effect on the sagging of the breasts.

Playboy photographers know these two problems well. ¬†When photographing their models, they will often have the woman pose by placing her hand above her breast and press the muscle inward and up slightly. ¬†This mimics the way a toned chest muscle naturally lifts and supports the breasts. ¬†This little trick gives the illusion of at least one cup size larger, and gives the breasts a lifted and more ‘perky’ look. ¬†They also know how to pose their models to fix the postural issues of slumped shoulders.

Of course, this is only temporary.

In my Natural Breast Lift Program, I am going to teach you my method of naturally lifting and firming the breasts by fixing the reasons they sag and droop in the first place.  Here is just one exercise that will help you lift the breasts, while permanently correcting your posture at the same time.

Coach Rylan