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Go Sleeveless This Summer In Three Simple Steps

Go Sleeveless in Three Steps

While it may be easy to hide your arms in cooler seasons, now that summer is on our doorstep, you are going to find it immeasurably more difficult to find excuses to conceal your arms.

But don’t feel like you are alone here.  In over a decade that I’ve spent as a personal trainer, I have come across only a select few women who were really comfortable with their arms, and even these women felt that there was still some work that they could do.

The Three Causes of Sagging, Flabby, and Squishy Upper Arms

It is true that no two people are alike, and the problem of unsightly arms does vary a lot from person to person, but the underlying causes are always the same – too much fat on the upper arms, excess saggy and droopy skin, and lack of muscle tone.

When these three conditions come together, the end result is consistent – arms that sag, bulge, and flap and jiggle when you wave – a condition I’ve heard referred to as Bat-Wings, Bingo Arms, and even Bye-Bye Meat by my Japanese friends (paints quite the picture doesn’t it?)

This condition is epidemic; a situation clearly demonstrated by all of the products out there designed to conceal, tighten, and hide women’s upper arms: everything from control-top panty hose for the arms, to blouses with built-in elastic designed to strangle the upper arms and hold everything in.

And while these products create the illusion of toned arms, they do nothing to fix the problem – and that is what you really want after all.  Because, let’s face it, eventually the clothes are going to have to come off, and there won’t be anything left to hide your arms.

So weather it’s the beach, or the bedroom, or anywhere else you want to reveal your arms – it’s time to feel confident and sexy about your upper arms, and show them off proudly, without resorting to optical illusions.

Thankfully, the problem is not nearly as hard to correct as most women think.  And if you get started now, you will finally be able to enjoy toned and sexy arms this summer.  But that means no more putting it off.  If you want to reap the benefits of sculpted arms this summer, and be able to show off some skin in a little black dress, tank top, or bathing suit, then we need to get started right away.

Three Steps To Sculpted Arms

Step 1.  Remove built-up body fat.  This is by far the most important step, as it is the number one cause of problem arms.  In fact, I’ve got a quick test that you can do right now that will tell you definitively if this is your problem.  To see me demonstrate this simple test, just check out this link.  Just watch the quick video on the page and you’ll be able to test yourself in just a couple of minutes.

Step 2.  Tighten loose skin. Loose skin is caused by a number of factors.  In younger women, it is often a result of the fat tissue underneath growing and causing the skin to stretch, and because fat tissue has no structural rigidity (like muscle does) is hangs down and simply gives in to gravity.  In older women, there is the additional problem of something called ‘oxidative stress’ which, in simple terms, is long-term exposure to damaging substances that cause the skin cells to lose their elasticity.  Both of these problems are reversible (yes, sagging skin is reversible, despite what plastic surgeons and doctors tell you).

Step 3.  Tone underlying muscle. Many women I’ve tested have a significant lack of muscle tone in their upper arms, in particular, the Tricep area (back of the upper arms).  This is often caused by avoidance of exercises that are thought to bulk the arms up.  Many women fear that if they do exercises such as pushups, bench presses and other ‘man exercises’, that their arms with grow large and bulky.  This is a complete myth, and for reasons I explain in my free video coaching series here, women need not fear any increase in muscle bulk when doing such exercises.

What To Do Next

Now that you know what you need to do in order to get toned and sculpted arms, you need to know how to put these steps to practical use.  That is exactly what I will show you in the Go Sleeveless DVDs which you can get here. I’ll guide you step-by-step through each exercise and technique in detail, and in just 6 weeks, you will be ready to show off your new arms.

And while you are there, don’t forget to sign-up for my free coaching video series where I will explain in detail all the tricks of the trade for getting sculpted and sexy arms you will be proud to show off.

And if DVD’s and videos aren’t your thing, and you want something you can slip in your gym bag or purse, pop in to your local book store and grab a copy of my book Totally Toned Arms for a quick-reference guide to getting toned and sculpted arms on the go.

So there you have it, everything you need to get sexy and sculpted arms this summer.  Now get to it!

Coach Rylan

It’s Finally Here!

After a very labor intensive process, my first ‘hard-copy’ book was finally released today, January the 6th, 2010.

When I got into the fitness industry I had no idea that my name would ever end up on the cover of a book.  But I have to admit, it is kinda cool to walk into a book store and see my work sitting there on the shelf – I feel like a proud parent.

But more importantly, having this book released allows me the opportunity to reach an even greater audience and help even more women overcome their troubles with problem arms – and that is what this is all about – you the reader.

Thank you to everyone who has already picked up their copy (lots of my fellow Canadians must have gotten up nice and early to get their copy because was already back-ordered this morning), and to those that haven’t yet, I don’t often ask for much – but if you can afford the 10 bucks for a copy – your support means a great deal to me – so thank you in advance.

The fitness book market is very competitive – and the more support this book receives – the more likley I will be able to publish another in the future.

Thanks again to each one of you –  I did this for you, so I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use.

Coach Rylan

PS.  Why does YouTube always chose a frame that makes me look like a bloody Orangutan?

Go Sleeveless success story to be featured on TLC tomorrow

I am super excited about this, and I had to share it with everyone!

A little while back I got an email from a young lady named Jody, who had a really cool Go Sleeveless story she wanted to share.  Her fiance and her were auditioning to be featured on TLC’s series, ‘Happily Ever Faster’.

I’ll let Jody tell the rest of the story…

I have always dreaded Summer because of my arms so imagine how I felt when I had about 2 months to get my arms in some form of ‘non-flabby’ state before my wedding.  I really wanted to wear something off the shoulder but figured my arms wouldn’t look good enough on the day.  I had nothing to loose by trying out the ‘go sleeveless‘ training before we had to fly to Vegas for our wedding.  I had to hire my dress in Vegas so I did not know what I’d wear or look good in.

We booked our wedding online and within a month were invited to participate in a new TLC reality TV show called ‘happily ever faster’.  All the more reason to get in shape and look good.  I definitely had no shortage of determination.  In fact I didn’t even have a gym membership – All my cardio and resistance was completed at home with my polar/heart rate  watch, weights and resistance bands.  I ran up and down my driveway, hallway, back deck, basically anywhere on the property I could get my heart rate up to 90%

It worked!  No doubt!  When coach Rylan says the fat will MELT off he’s not kidding, I lost 4 Kgs before the wedding and toned up. I hired an off the shoulder dress – (a bodice top) and felt terrific on the day!

I’ve always struggled with bigger arms than other areas of my body and often felt frustrated that whilst the fat would shift off my butt or thighs that my arms still felt chunkier than the rest.  Not anymore!  I have since joined a gym and continue with the program outlined by Coach Rylan to structure my work out for cardio and resistance.

If there is any doubt that the program will work for you – put it aside, if you follow the program then you are sure to succeed – p.s. it’s not hard to follow either : )”

Jody Wicksteed


Even though I have never met many of my Go Sleeveless clients in person, I still feel very close to them.  And when I hear success stories like this, it absolutely makes my day!  I am so proud of you Jody, you look gorgeous!

All my best wishes to you and your husband for a wonderful future together!

Coach Rylan

PS.  Jody’s episode of Happily Ever Faster airs tomorrow night (Friday the 20th) on TLC, so please be sure to watch everybody!

All New Go Sleeveless Lite Package


I know I said I would never do it, but sometimes you have to eat
your words.

What I’m talking about, of course, is my now world famous Go
Sleeveless system
– The only program in existence that will help
you eliminate saggy and flabby arms, trim away excess drooping
skin and fat, and sculpt your arms into lean and toned works of

If you’ve been following the progress of the Go Sleeveless system
sine it’s beginning, you’ll know that a lot has happened in the last
year.  It was featured on both CNN, ABC news, and a whole slough
of other major magazines and newspapers across the world.

It also caught the attention of one of America’s most prestigious
publishing firms, and in less than two months, my first hard
copy book, ‘Totally Toned Arms – Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days’
will be hitting all major book store shelves.

It’s safe to say it’s been a crazy ride, but a fun one.

Anyway, I said I would never reduce the price, and here is where
I am going to eat my words.

I just finished polling a select group of people on my mailing list,
and I asked them what they liked about Go Sleeveless, what they
didn’t like, and what could be improved.

The funny thing was, almost everyone loved the program and didn’t have
any ideas for what I could do to improve it.  That’s great news I
suppose, because it means I’m doing something right.

But, I know there are a large number of people who subscribe to my
newsletter, and read my blog, that still don’t have their own
copy of Go Sleeveless, and I wanted to know why.

It’s not because it doesn’t work – all the testimonials and press
I’ve received over this program prove that it does.

It’s not because people think it’s a scam either – everyone knows
that CNN wouldn’t have interviewed me if I was a scam artist, and
I certainly wouldn’t have a book deal either.

And it’s not because people can’t find it – Go Sleeveless is literally
all over the web now.

So the conclusion I came to was that it was too expensive for these
tough economic times.  I realize that as much as people might want
it, many simply cannot afford shelling out $77, even if it means
they will undoubtedly eliminate saggy, flabby, and otherwise problematic
arms in less than 8 weeks.

So here’s is what I’ve decided to do…

I’ve created a new package called the Go Sleeveless Lite package

I’ve stripped away a few of the extra
bonus programs that you might not want, and this has allowed me to
drop the price significantly.  And I mean BIG-TIME drop here.

Like more than 60% off!

There is a catch though.  I can only offer you the Go Sleeveless Lite
package until December 31st.

And while you might think this is some sort of sneaky ploy to get
you to buy now – I assure you it’s not.  And here’s why…

When I signed my book deal, part of the contract stated that I could
not lower the price of the Go Sleeveless System below it’s current
$77 price tag for the first year that my book was out.

Obviously, the publisher doesn’t want people getting confused between
my new book, and Go Sleeveless, and having them competing with each
other.  While I assure you that both books are completely different
and both offer something new, you can see how this just makes good
business sense for the publisher.

So, I can only offer the Go Sleeveless Lite package (which is less
than $30 total – which saves you more than $45) until December 31st,
because my book comes out in the very first week of January.

After that, I will not be offering any package
less than $77 for an entire year.  My contract forbids it.

So this is really a time sensitive offer, and not trickery or marketing

So you might ask, why not just wait until January and get your new
book instead?

Well, wouldn’t you like to show up to the New Years party in a sexy
sleeveless dress?  We’re only 8 weeks away from New Years Eve, which
is EXACTLY the amount of time it will take you to get great toned
and sexy arms, with a couple weeks extra to spare for even better
results on the rest of your body.

While everyone else will feel fat and bloated from the holidays, you will
be looking amazing and catching everyone’s attention in that sexy
black dress.

So don’t wait.  You’ve got just enough time to totally transform
your arms, and you are never going to be able to beat this special
price either.

You can grab the Go Sleeveless Lite package at..

Coach Rylan

Michelle Obama’s Shorts Reveal Great Legs: How You Can Get Them Too

Michelle Obama's Legs

Michelle Obama's Legs

Quite a few months ago, during the height of the Michelle Obama Arms Frenzy, I put together a workout specifically designed to help any women get arms like Michelle Obama.  That article caught the attention of some major media players, leading to interviews and features, and eventually, a book deal.  In fact, Totally Toned Arms is now available for pre-order on Amazon here…

Totally Toned Arms: Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days

But it seems the world can’t get enough of Michelle O, more specifically, her style of dress and her body.

Now the Internet is abuzz with talk about Michelle’s Obama’s legs. After a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, where Michelle was photographed in shorts that reveal incredibly toned legs, women all over the world are, yet again, asking how she manages to maintain such a great body, with what one can only assume, is an obscenely hectic schedule.

Michelle Obama's Shorts

Michelle Obama's Shorts

Legs can be a tricky subject for many women. All women want long and lean thighs, that accentuate height and slimness, while avoiding the dreaded ‘thunder thighs’ that can be so embarrassing. Unlike arms, if you have legs you aren’t happy with, it’s pretty much impossible to conceal them. Adding to the difficulty factor is the fact that women have a predisposition to storing more body fat in their lower body, in addition to a tendency to build muscle in the lower body relatively quickly as well.  Have you always found that your lower body is disproportionately strong compared to your upper body?  That’s why.

To get lean and sexy legs like Michelle Obama, it takes a very special approach. You must focus on exercises that will burn off the body fat from your legs, while at the same time ensuring that you don’t use machines and exercises that will cause you to increase the girth of your thighs.

A side note: Most ‘leg’ machines in the gym, and in fact, most ‘women specific’ machines, actually cause the legs to bulk up. For example the inner and outer thigh machine, and the total hip machine. These exercises focus on building muscles in areas that you actually want to slim down. These machines need to be avoided at all costs if you want ‘Michelle Obama Legs’!

So what do you do?

Well, if you own the Go Sleeveless Elite package, then you’ve probably come across a special program called the Thunder Thigh Eliminator Program.  This is a workout program designed specifically for women to trim away fat from the thighs, with specific emphasis on reducing fat around the knees and inner leg as well.  It also focuses on bringing out maximum muscle definition while specifically avoiding exercises known to increase muscle bulk.

If you already have this program, and you want to get legs like Michelle Obama, then its time to crack it open and get started.

Michelle Obama's Legs

Michelle Obama's Legs

However, for those of you who don’t yet have your hands on this program, then here is one of my favorite lower body exercises for women.  This is taken directly from the Thunder Thigh Eliminator Program


  • Lie on your back with your hands out to the side for support.
  • Hold a stability ball between your legs, and lift you legs out straight in front of you, keeping your feet from touching the ground.
  • Keep squeezing the ball between your legs, then rotate your feet so one is directly above the other, pause, then rotate the opposite direction to switch which foot is on top.
  • At this point you may lower your legs back down and rest for a brief moment before beginning your next rep.
  • As you improve with this exercise, try to complete more reps without touching your feet down and resting.
  • One complete rep is moving one foot from top to bottom to top again.

This is a fantastic exercise for toning the legs, with specific emphasis on the inner thighs.  It also works your abdominal muscles like crazy, and will strengthen your lower back in the process.  You might not be able to do too many reps to begin with, but start and see what you can get, then build up by one or two a day for about 10 days. While this is only one exercise, and not a complete leg toning program, it’s a great ‘overall’ thigh exercise and will get you started until you can begin the Thunder Thigh Eliminator Program.

Coach Rylan